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Automotive Industry

Cranfield Precision has an extensive history and portfolio of successful machines for the autmotive industry. This is enhanced by Fives Landis Ltd's position within the automotive market.

DT 40 - Precision Hard Turning Lathe

The Cranfield Precision DT40 high precision lathe has been used in many automotive applications as a hard turning machine replacing more traditional grinding processes for very hard materials.

High Precision Lathe

High Precision Lathe

LT3 - Large Crank Grinding Machine

Cranfield Precision provided R&D assistance in the design of a new range of large crank grinding machines, the Fives Landis LT3 orbital grinding machine.

Large Crank Grinding Machine

Large Crank Grinding

CNC 6400 - CNC Control System

Cranfield Precision's CNC 6400 flag ship control system is used exclusively on Fives Landis Ltd's range of automotive grinding machines. The CNC 6400 has many advantages and can provide high accuracy for complicated multi axis synchronised moves.

CNC Control System

CNC Contorl System