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CNC Control System

Cranfield Precision has developed a cnc control system ideal for applications involving the precise synchronisation of the motion of machine tool axes. The product has evolved over a number of years with each major revision providing a step change in performance.

  • PC hardware platform running Windows NT/2K/XP with VentureCom RTX
  • Industry standard SERCOS drive control
  • Profibus-DP or Interbus I/O
  • Any combination of linear or rotary axes
  • Multiple interpolators acquiring different axis combinations on demand
  • Up to 31 synchronised axes
  • Advanced DSP contol option
  • GUI with touch screen support
  • Linear, circular & polynomial control
  • RS274 G & M code interpreter
  • High level, structured programming
  • OPC data access with alarms & events

For a full specification please click herePDF Brochure

CNC Control System

CNC 6400 Control System