CUPE - Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering

CUPE or Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering is now Cranfield Precision, a successful spin out company from Cranfield University. Cranfield Precision has existed in various formats over the years from CUPE, CPE Limited and Cranfield Precision as it is today. Cranfield Precision carrys on the history of innovation from the original conception of CUPE at Cranfield University.

CUPE - Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering

After Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering was established as CUPE in 1968 as a bridge between the accademic world and industry it grew to become a fully flegged commercial entity and in 1987 was reformed into Cranfield Precision Engineering Ltd or CPE Ltd to continue its activities as a commercial entity.

Western Atlas

In 1995 Western Atlas purchased the company to be part of its industrial automation technologies division. Cranfield Precision Engineering Ltd was then renamed to Cranfield Precision to operate under the UNOVA Industrial Automation Systems part of Western Atlas.

UNOVA - Industrial Automation Systems

More recently in 2006 Fives Group purchased Fives Landis Ltd and Cranfield Precision to operate as part of the Fives Fives Group.

Fives Fives Group

Cranfield Precision has a rich history of technological innovation from its initial conception as CUPE throughout transitions from CUPE to CPE Ltd to CP - Cranfield Precision, and owned by various corporations to the company that you see here today. Cranfield Precision - a tradition of innovation.