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Case Study - DT40 - Machine Specification

Although it is common for machine configurations to be decided by the workpiece size and orientation in use, small components are not so difficult to manipulate until they become very small. The overall concept for the DT40 was decided by interpreting the customer specification which is tabulated below.

Component Turning Operations
Bores; 3 5 mm Diameter± 1 µm Size Control
Outside Diameters; 40 mm Diameter± 1 µm Size Control
CylindricityWithin 1 µm
Face FlatnessWithin 1 µm
Performance Targets
Component Maximum Diameter:60 mm
Component Maximum Length:50 mm
Multi-indexing Tool TurretSandvik 8 Station Index
Aerostatic Workspindle
Error Motion, Axial and RadialLess Than 0.1 µm
Maximum Speed15,000 rpm
Acceleration2,500 rpm/sec
Static Position ControlLess Than 0.5 arc min
Dynamic Position Error at 200 rpmLess Than 1 arc min
Linear Axes
Calibrated X and Z Axis Positioning Accuracy0.1 µm
X and Z Axis Feedback Resolution0.025 µm
Temperature Controlled Process Coolant± 1°C

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