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Advanced electronic servo control systems are a major component in the design and development of Ultra Precision machine tools. Without this key component advantages in good mechanical design can't be realised. We have a comprehensive design, build, test and repair facility for PCB's in house, which supports our customers both old and new. Having the ability to control and alter the design of our CNC control systems enables us to apply a more flexible and efficient solution when integrating servo control into Ultra Precision machines and hence giving us nanometric position control capability.

Cranfield Precision has developed its own CNC controllers since 1970. This effort has culminated in our latest model, the CNC6400. Thousands of 16 and 32 bit CNCs were installed on measuring machines, rate motion simulators and production machines including many special purpose ultra-precision machine tools. Already, more than 300 of the latest 64 bit systems are successfully controlling cam and crank grinders manufactured by our parent company, Landis Grinding Systems.

Every Cranfield Precision power amplifier, CNC control system and module is backed by a comprehensive spares and repair service. In the unlikely event of finding economic repair impossible, we have the capacity of redesigning from component up to system level to maintain our customers machine systems.

Cranfield Precision's vast experience and knowledge allows us to repair and service other manufacturers equipment. We are happy to take on contract service work of small - medium batches of power amplifier and CNC control systems, please call to discuss your requirements.


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