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Finite Element Analysis

Cranfield Precision carries out extensive finite element analysis (FEA) during the design of machines and machine elements. Thus we ensure that our machine tools have the right static and dynamic performance while optimising mass and application of materials. Using COSMOSM and COSMOSDesignStar Cranfield Precision carries out analyses for:

  • Static Stiffness or Compliance
  • Stress or Strain
  • Modal Analysis
  • Non-linear Static and Dynamic Behaviour
  • Contact / Friction between Machine Elements

COSMOSDesignSTAR allows the data exchange between CAD and FEA-Software allowing quick and convenient transfer of solid modelling data into the analysis modules. More complex analysis tasks are remodelled or modified in the COSMOSGeoSTAR environment


FEA Model Simulation

Finite Element Anlysis

Deflection Analysis of a Grinding Wheel