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High Precision Lathe

The Cranfield Precision DeltaTurn40 is not just a lathe, it is a fully automated high precision, hard turning machine complete with auto loading and 100% part inspection and process feedback for tool wear compensation. The high accuracy and performance are obtained from the advanced machine tool technology used in the design.


  • Max. Workpiece Size Ø70x50mm long
  • Size Tolerance: Within 1µm (at 1.7 CpK)
  • Cylindricity: Within 1µm
  • Flatness: Within 1µm
  • Roundness: Within 1µm
  • High precision workspindles with sub micron radial and axial error motions
  • Max. Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm
  • Spindle (C axis) position control capability to better than 1 arcminute between 50-200rpm
  • 8 Multi-tool indexing system tools on rotary plate actively compensated

For a full specification please click herePDF Brochure

High Precision Lathe

High Precision Turning Machine

High Precision Hard Turning

Hard Turning on the Delta Turn 40