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High Precision Machining

Cranfield Precision has now expanded its high precision machining capabilities to include the turning of titanium workpieces. Machined on the Cranfield Precision high precision lathe DeltaTurn40 workpieces have been manufactured to micron size and geometric tolerances with very low surface roughness (down to Ra0.18µm).

Cranfield Precision's DeltaTurn40 can accomodate workpieces up to a diameter of ca. 70mm and a length of ca. 50mm (larger workpiece sizes are possible depending on part geometry). Also available is the Cranfield Precision Nanocentre for low sub-micron accuracies. The nanocentre is one of the world's most accurate ultra precision machining centres.

Cranfield Precision manufactures the DeltaTurn40 High Precision Machining centre and other special purpose ultra precision machines for use in any facility around the world.

Cranfield Precision offers:

  • High precision sub-contract maching of titanium and a wide range of other engineering materials.
  • High-precision turning lathe DeltaTurn40
  • Special purpose machine design and manufacture for your high and ultra precision maching requirements

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High Precision Machining

Titanium Demonstrator Workpiece
Surface Roughness Ra 0.2m

Roundness Plot

Roundness Plot of Bore
PV 1.55m