Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering

Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering (CUPE) was established in 1968 as a specialist activity to undertake precision machine tool design and development. A mixed business platform was created including both research and commercial work, bridging the gap between the academic world and industry.

Professor Pat McKeown, OBE with senior colleagues identified The Eleven Principles and Techniques for the Design of High Precision Machines under which many world leading ultra precision machines and systems are still being produced today.

In 1987 Cranfield Precision Engineering Ltd (CPE) was formed out of CUPE to continue the design, development and manufacture of high precision machines and systems and to exploit the technology on a wider commercial basis.

In August 1995 Western Atlas, a US based global supplier of industrial automation technologies, acquired Cranfield Precision to strengthen its capabilities in controls and precision machine design. UNOVA was formed 2 years later by Western Atlas to continue expansion of machine automation. Now part of the Fives group of companies as a division of Fives Landis Ltd, Cranfield precision continues to develop world beating machine technologies.

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