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1997 - The DeltaTurn40 precision chucking lathe has a unique "close form delta machine-loop" design to increase dynamic stiffness and reduce intrinsic geometric errors.

A combination of DSP based state variable feedback control, system identification and resonant mode compensation has produced an exceptionally high quality machine configuration.

Despite being originally aimed at high precision stainless steel parts, the ability of the machine to hard turn to very high levels of repeatability and surface integrity were soon recognised.

There are few machines in manufacture even today that can match the 20nm Ra finishes regularly obtained on hardened steels at 62 Hrc.

2001 - The very latest precision engineering methods have been incorporated in the Landis Lund LT1 Cam Grinding Machine. Modern bus systems (SERCOS and either ProfiBus or Interbus) give high speed access to the machine sub-systems. Linear motors have been used to improve machine dynamics reducing profile errors at production rates to below a micron. The hydrostatic ways use magnetic pre-load minimising mechanical complexity without detracting from axis straightness.

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