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Cranfield Precision has a wide range of advanced metrology and inspection equipment including precision laser optics. Much of the precision metrology equipment is kept and used in the advanced UPML facility. This includes in situ metrology systems for error compensation, dynamic spindle error analysis and a state of the art surface profiler.

Ultra Precision Machining Laboratory (UPML)
The UPML was established to carry out research and development work on the machining processes used to achieve sub-micron accuracy on a wide range of materials including metals, glasses and advanced ceramics.

These Processes are:

  • Single point diamond turning
  • Single point diamond fly cutting
  • Diamond grinding
  • Ductile regime grinding
  • Electrolytic in-process dressing

The facilities available in UPML for this work include:

  • Temperature conrol of laboratory to ±0.1°C.
  • An enhanced Nanocentre Aspheric diamond turning and grinding machine.
  • A large Ultra precision CNC vertical diamond turning machine.
  • A CNC ultra precision surface grinding machine.
On Machine Metrology

Inspection Metrology


UPML - Ultra Precision Machining Laboratory