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Miniature Air Bearing Spindle

Cranfield Precision's miniature air bearing spindle is only 35mm diameter and 103mm long. In this small space Cranfield Precision has incorporated high precision air bearing technology as well as a small air turbine drive for spindle power. An additional feature of this spindle is that it also contains a linear slide, which allows for an axial stroke of several millimeters.

Initially developed for Electro-Discharge Machining, the available speed range also makes the spindle suitable for other high speed micro machining applications in a restricted space. The combination of air bearings and air turbine drive mean that the spindle is maintenance free and only requires a clear air supply for operation.

The main features of the small air bearing are:

  • Size - Ø35mm x 103mm Long
  • High speed range (up to 30,000 rpm)
  • Only air supply is required for operation
  • Kinematic mount for highly repeatable on-machine location
  • Maintenance-free air bearings
  • Clean room compatible

For a full specification please click herePDF Brochure

Air Bearing Spindle

Miniature Air Bearing Turbine

Miniature Air Bearing Spdinle

Small Air Bearing Spindle