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Precision Optics & Electronics

Cranfield Precision has an extensive history in the area of precision optics, comprising large telescope mirrors, precision IR optics and fresnel lenses.

Twin Turret Generator

Cranfield Precision's Twin Turret Generator is a completely new machine tool concept. The machine concept is covered by UK patent no. 2456843, UK patent application no. 0922392.6 and other patent applications pending in the UK and abroad.

Optical Grinder

Optical Generator

OAGM - Large Off-Axis Grinding Machine

Cranfield Precision's heritage in the production of large optical grinding machines is second to none. The KODAK OAGM 2500 was built in 1989 and is still in operation today.

Off Axis Grinding Machine

Kodak OAGM 2500

OGM - Off-Axis Grinding Machine

The Cranfield Precision OGM 2000 High Precision Glass Grinding Machine features hydrostatic bearings, linear motors, FEA optimised base and bridge assembly. The OGM 2000 has a component capacity of 2000mm by 500mm with a smaller OGM 1200 version also available.

OGM 2000 Glass Grinding Machine

OGM 1200
Glass Grinding Machine

BoX™ Machine - Optics Grinding

The BoX™ Machine was built by Cranfield Precision for Cranfield University to produce large hexagonal mirror segments for use in the E-ELT as part of the ESA's ESO project. This machine was designed with high dynamic performance specifically in mind.

BoX is a UK trademark of Cranfield University (No 2389252).
Cranfield University patent pending (App.No. GB0508695).

Cranfield BoX™ Machine

BoX™ Machine

SiWeg - Silicon Wafer Edge Grinding Machine

The SiWeg is capable of machining optical materials with surface texture of ~20nm RMS and sub-surface damage of less than one micron.

Silicon Wafer Edge Grinding

SiWeg Silicon Wafer Grinder


The Nanocentre is renowned as one of the most accurate machine tools in the world and is capable of producing extremely high accuracy precision optics.


The Nanocentre

Ultra Precision Roll Turning Machine

Cranfield Precision has designed a Roll Turning Machine for production level machining of optical quality components.

The main axis of the machine uses a stepped hydrostatic design with rail positioning that provides zero roll errors drastically reduicng the majority of errors experienced on conventional lathes.

Using Advanced 3D CAD techniques and FEA the EcoR1664 Roll Turning Machine has been designed to have very good thermal stability, high stiffness and good damping.

roll turning machine

Ultra Precision RTM


The circularity and inner diameter instrument measured the inner surface of Zerodur optics for the AXAF X-ray telescope. The instrument established the circular profile by making absolute inner diameter measurements at the upper and lower bounds of the 33 inch clear aperture AXAF mirror element.

CIDI Profilomter

The CIDI Profilometer