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Rotary Positioning Table

Cranfield Precision's 1604 high accuracy positioning tables complement any coordinate measuring machine.

Extremely low coning errors result from replicating the air lift seat of the tables from masters generated on one of the worlds most accurate diamond turning machines.

High accuracy positioning with good dynamic response is achieved with the proven Cranfield Precision DC friction drive untis.

Synthetic granite structure guarantees dimensional stability and rigidity of the base casting


  • Table Diameter (mm) 685 - 1000
  • Max Load (kg) 1000 - 2000
  • Ang. Encoding Resolution 0.0002 deg (0.72 arc secs)
  • Ang. Measurement Accuracy < ±1.5 arc secs
  • Radial Motion < ±2µm
  • Axial Motion < ±2µm
  • Axis of Rotation Tilt Error < 1.5 arc secs
  • Nominal Air Supply Pressure 80 psi

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Rotary Positioning Table

Rotary Positioning Table