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Silicon Wafer Grinding Machine

The Cranfield Precision SiWeg Silicon Wafer Edge Grinding machine.

The World’s first ductile regime grinding machine for edge and notch profiling of 200mm, 300mm and 400mm diameter silicon wafers


  • Fully automatic cassette to cassette operation
  • In-situ forming, truing and dressing of resin bond grinding wheels
  • 100% pre and post grind optical inspection of wafer diameter, roundness, edge profile and orientation notch (or flat) shape
  • Patented flexure mounted and cam driven grinding spindle axes enabling a machine natural frequency >140hz (~3x higher than conventional wafer edge grinding machines)
  • Polymer concrete construction of critical structural members
  • Air bearing grinding spindles
  • Three step grinding process for edge and notch profiles: Metal bond wheel roughing step followed by two stage resin bond wheel semi finish and finish grind steps
  • Sub-surface damage less than one micron
  • Edge and notch (or flat) surface texture ~20nm RMS
  • Cassette to cassette cycle time ~180s: Including pre and post grind inspection and post grind wash and dry
Silicon Wafer Edge Grinding Machine

Silicon Wafer Edge Grinding Machine

Silicon Sub Surface Damage

Silicon Sub Surface Damage