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Spidle Error Analysis

Cranfield Precision has extensive experience in precision measurement techniques and can provide a full service for spindle error analysis as well as other metrology requirements.


  • Radial and Axial Error Motion
  • Probe interface by 500KS/s DAQ
  • Max Spindle Speed 80,000 rpm at 360 S/rev
  • Single or dual probe (X-Y) measurements
  • Radar Display of
    • Asynchronous error motion
    • Synchronous error motion
  • Master error removal capability
  • Upr filter switchable on raw data
  • Ball eccentricity removed
  • Spectral analysis of raw data
  • User selectable units
    • Microns - µm
    • Microinches - µin
  • User configurable display
Spindle Error Analysis

Measuring Radial Error Motion

Error Plot

Spindle Error Plot