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Ultra Precision Machine

The Cranfield Precision Nanocentre is one of the world's most accurate ultra precision machines. The Nanocentre using state of the art technology to achieve its ultra precision machining capabilities.

This ultra precision machine tool used ultra precision hydrostatic spindles and linear guides along with precise laser feedback from an advanced Zygo optics system from Lamda Photometrics.


  • Polymer Concrete Structure
  • Ceramic Guideways
  • Hydrostatic Linear and Rotary Axes
  • Laser Position feedback
  • State of the art diamond turning and shear mode grinding of optical components.
  • Component form accuracy bet than 100nm over full range
  • Automatic CNC Tool Setting repeatable to 50 nm.
  • Temepature Control to within +/- 0.005 C
Ultra Precision Machine

Ultra Precision Machine

Ultra Precision Machining

Ultra Precision Machining on the Nanocentre